Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia Comune di Ariccia
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The Chigi Palace in Ariccia represents a unique example of baroque residence that has preserved its original aspect over the centuries, to document the prestige of one of the greatest Italian Pope dynasties: the Chigi. The Palace, transformed into a prestigious baroque residence by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is a museum and a center for several cultural activities: exhibits, concerts, guided tours, conferences, meetings, study programs.
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November 10, 2007 - May 4, 2008: "Museo del Barocco Romano. La Collezione Lemme" is open to the public.
Il Palazzo The Palace
An overview on the history of the Palace and the Chigi family.
Ariccia Ariccia
Ariccia’s history and a rich archive of pictures.
Le Collezioni The Collections
The artworks preserved in the Palace.