Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia Comune di Ariccia
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Vasily Semenovic Sadovnikov - Bedroom, Sayn
Vasily Semenovic Sadovnikov
Bedroom, Sayn
Chigi Palace, Ariccia

Vasily Semenovic Sadovnikov - Garden, Werky
Vasily Semenovic Sadovnikov
Garden, Werky
Chigi Palace, Ariccia

Petr Fedorovich Sokolov - Portrait of Leonilla Bariatinski
Petr Fedorovich Sokolov
Portrait of Leonilla Bariatinski
Chigi Palace, Ariccia
Prints, watercolors, drawings, daguerrotypes and photographs
In the Palace we also find a precious collection of internal and external views dating to the 19th century, representing properties of the families Wittgenstein and Bariatinsky in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland and France.
The material derives greatly from the inheritance of Antonietta Sayn Wittgenstein (1839-1918), granddaughter of general Wittgenstein, the hero who saved Saint Petersburg from Napoleon, and daughter of the beautiful Leonilla Bariatinsky, whom in the 19th century married Mario Chigi Albani.
The great value of this collection is determined by the fact that the views of the interiors document of the taste of the day in furnishing, and are extremely rare (while the views of exteriors are less so). A part of the Chigi collection, which is now lost, was published by Mario Praz in the book "The Philosophy of Furnishing"; that is, works by the Russian painter Vasily Semenovic Sadovnikov (1880-1879), one of the greatest specialists of the 1800s of his genre, and constitutes some of the most important and evocative works, reproduced in the 19th century in some famous lithographs of which the original matrices are conserved at the University of Vilnius. Three of these lithographs are part of the "Album de Vilno", a commission by the Lithuanian Dr. Wilczynski, and are part of the original Chigi Collection.
In the collection there are some important portraits, in watercolor, oil, pastel and lithography, made by Petr Fedorovich Sokolov (1791-1848) and by Jan Ksawery Kaniewski (1805-1867), two of the most notable Russian portraitists of the 1800s, representing the members of these two famous European families who had become related to the Chigi, all conserved in the Palace of Ariccia.