Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia Comune di Ariccia
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Paintings Collection
The collection is comprised of numerous artworks by some of the most important artists of 17th century Rome.
Pictorial cycles
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Mario De' Fiori e Carlo Maratti - Summer
Mario De' Fiori and Carlo Maratti
Summer - Sala Mario De' Fiori
Chigi Palace, Ariccia
  • The Four Seasons executed by Mario de' Fiori in collaboration with Carlo Maratti, Bernardino Mei, Giacinto Brandi, Filippo Lauri and the painting that shows Mario de' Fiori while he paints the flowers , in collaboration with Giovanni Maria Morandi;
  • The allegory of the senses by Pierfrancesco Mola;
  • The series of models for the mosaics of the cupola of St. Peter's by Cavalier d'Arpino;
  • The "faux tapestries" commissioned by Cardinal Ottoboni to Domenico Paradisi, Michelangelo Ricciolini and Francesco Borgognone for the palace of the Papal chancery;
  • The "Chigi properties with hunting dogs" by Michelangelo Pace called "the Campidoglio";
  • The other "faux tapestries" with putti by John Batiste Magni "the Modanino";
  • The landscapes of Jos de Momper, Tempestino, Egidio de Monte, etc.
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Salvator Rosa - Pindaro and Pan
Salvator Rosa
Pindaro and Pan
Chigi Palace, Ariccia
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Il Baciccio - The Blessed soul Giovanni Chigi in penance
The Blessed soul Giovanni
Chigi in penance

Chigi Palace, Ariccia
The Chigis' great commitment to patronage of the arts is documented by masterpieces such as:
The palace is the source of a fundamental contribution to portraiture in the 1600's, owing to the presence of the works of the three most active portrait artists in Rome and in Italy in the second half of the 17th century:
  • Baciccio (portraits of Clement IX and Cardinal Sigismondo Chigi);
  • Jacob Ferdinand Voet (portraits of cardinal the Flavio Chigi, Sister Lutugarda Maria, Sister Flavia Virginia, Agostino Chigi, Virginia Maria Borghese, Anna Caffarelli Minutoli, "gallery of the beauties");
  • Giovanni Maria Morandi (Maria Virginia Borghese, Mario Chigi, etc.);
  • Portraits by Francisco Vanni (The venerable Aurelio Chigi);
  • Carlo Cesi:(Cardinal Fabio Chigi);
  • Francesco Trevisani (Sister Berenice);
  • Works of other 18th century specialists (Loreti, Guttembrunn, Masucci, Kobler).