Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia Comune di Ariccia
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini - San Giuseppe con Bambino
Gian Lorenzo Bernini,
San Giuseppe col bambino,
sanguigna drawing,
Chigi Palace, Ariccia
  • The "sanguigna" drawing by Bernini: An emblematic work to be found here is certainly the famous "sanguigna" drawing by Bernini representing Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus, executed for the palace chapel in 1663, and signed by the artist; it constitutes a rare work by Bernini and his only signed piece.
  • The "Glory with St. Francis di Sales and St. Thomas from Villanova": in the same chapel, we find the "Glory with S. Francis di Sales and St.Thomas from Villanova painted in gouache by Raffaello Vanni on the wall of the altar.
  • Decorative cycle, the apartment on the ground floor: the apartment on the ground floor was the home of Cardinal Flavio who commissioned the decoration of the rooms with bird themes and zodiac signs, attributed to Peter Mulier called "Il Tempesta": a reference to the natural world and hunting, among the tenant's favorite hobbies.
  • Decorative cycle, the neoclassical apartment: In the second half of the 18th century, Prince Sigismondo had the apartment decorated in the neoclassical style by Giuseppe Cades, Nicholas Lapiccola, Felice Giani, Giovanni Campovecchio and Liborio Coccetti. An extraordinary pictorial cycle, in great part inspired by the "Orlando Furioso",the litereary work, was a forerunner of the romantic movement, and constitutes one of the greater attractions of the palace.