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Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy
The Auburn University, campus, established with Interlinea, began in June 2002 with a pilot program. According to the directives and strategic goals of Chigi Palace, this program was aimed at the foundation of a permanent campus in the Chigi Palace of Ariccia.
The College of Human Sciences of Auburn University guides the selection of the students for the Ariccia study program, which it is subdivided in three semesters per year, in which participate an average of 20 students per semester.
Auburn University
Auburn University is located in Alabama, approximately 100 miles from Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1856 with 80 students and 6 professors, today Auburn is the most prestigious university in Alabama, one of the oldest and most important in the United States, and certainly one of the most important in the South. (
It has over 22,000 resident students and 9,000 more in affiliated schools located in other cities in Alabama (Montgomery, Birmingham). The students come from all 50 states and from 100 foreign countries.
The academic staff is made up of 1,115 professors and 6,213 assistant professors and researchers. The campus consists of 13 different schools which offer 129 different majors:
  1. College of Agriculture (founded 1872)
  2. College of Architecture, Design & Construction (1907)
  3. College of Business (1967)
  4. College of Education (1915)
  5. Samuel Ginn College of Engineering (1872)
  6. School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (1984)
  7. College of Human Sciences (1916) - June M. Henton, President
  8. College of Liberal Arts (1986)
  9. School of Nursing (1979)
  10. Harrison School of Pharmacy (1885)
  11. College of Sciences and Mathematics (1986)
  12. College of Veterinary Medicine (1907)
  13. Honors College (1872)
Auburn University possesses the largest university library in the US. There are approximately 4,845,000 texts online, including books and microfilm.
Moreover, Auburn is home to one of the most important college football teams in America; the Auburn stadium holds 85,187 spectators.
The company was founded in 1971 and works in the field of cultural and institutional communications, and has an Italian as well as an international client base.
Interlinea is directed by Maurizio Antonini who acts as Resident Director in Italy for the Auburn University program. He works with a dedicated team and prestigious university professors, looking after the entire program, from instruction to organization and logistics.
Maurizio Antonini is a member of the IBA for the College of Human Sciences (International Boards of Advisors) and of the AACUPI (Association of American Colleges and Universities Programs in Italy), and is responsible for bringing about the collaboration with Professor June Henton, Dean of the College of Human Sciences, which resulted in this permanent campus abroad. The study program was devised entirely by Interlinea and then perfected together with Auburn University and the City of Ariccia.